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Misread Pressure Test Cited by BP in Oil Spill Probe

The failure of BP engineers to correctly interpret a pressure test conducted the day of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion was at least partially to blame for the worst oil spill in US history, according to an internal BP report.

According to Bloomberg News, the 200-page internal BP report was compiled by a team of BP investigators led by the company’s head of safety and operations. In addition to blaming BP engineers, it also faults Transocean Ltd., the owner of the rig, for the disaster. (more…)

FDA Conducting Safety Review of Parkinson’s Disease Drug

Stalevo, a drug used to treat Parkinson’s disease, is undergoing as a safety review because of concerns that it could put patients at a higher risk of cardiac problems than another drug called Sinemet.

It’s important to note that the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet concluded that Stalevo increases the risk of heart attack, strokes, or cardiovascular death. The agency said healthcare professionals should regularly evaluate the cardiovascular status of patients who are taking Stalevo, especially if they have a history of cardiovascular disease. Patients should not stop taking Stalevo unless told to do so by their healthcare professional. (more…)

Scientist Report Manhattan-Sized Oil Plume in Gulf of Mexico

Another group of scientists is raising doubts the governments claims regarding the BP oil spill. According to a Bloomberg News report, scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution say they have discovered a 22 mile plume of degrading crude oil deep in the Gulf of Mexico. That’s about the size of Manhattan.

According to government estimates, 4.9 million barrels of oil escaped from the well between the April 20 explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon oil rig and the deployment of a containment cap that finally stopped the flow on July 15. Earlier this month, a scientific team led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a report purporting that most of the oil had been captured, burned off, evaporated or broken down in the Gulf. (more…)

Fracking Fluid Spill Nets $97,000+ Fine From Pennsylvania Regulators

Another Pennsylvania Marcellus shale gas driller has come under fire for violating state environmental laws. According to the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Atlas Resources LLC has been fined $97,350 for a spill of hydraulic fracturing fluids into a tributary of a creek called Dunkle Run.

The Atlas Resources incident is just one of many that have been perpetrated by gas drillers performing fracking operations in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale. (more…)

Critics Bash Proposed Lowe’s Chinese Drywall Settlement

A proposed settlement in a Lowe’s Chinese Drywall class action lawsuit has attracted more flack. According to a report on ProPublica, critics of the settlement question both its structure and its notification provisions.

Under the proposed settlement, claimants who say they purchased defective Chinese drywall from Lowe’s would receive gift cards in amounts ranging from $50 to $2,000. Those who can prove they’ve suffered more than $2,000 in damages may also receive up to $2,500 in cash. (more…)

Bard Vena Cava Filters May Fracture, Cause Life-Threatening Complications

Two types of Bard vena cava filters may cause life-threatening complications because of a propensity to fracture, or break, while in the body, according to a new study. The study examined fracture rates with the Bard G2, and its predecessor, the Bard Recovery filters.

Vena cava filters are placed in the large vein that returns blood to the heart from the lower body, and are designed to trap clots before they travel to the lungs. Such devices are used as an alternative for patients who do not respond well to anti-clotting drugs. (more…)

FDA Says Anti-Seizure Drug Can Cause Meningitis

People who take GlaxoSmithKline’s Lamictal should be aware that it can cause

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aseptic meningitis, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) warned today. Lamictal is approved to treat seizures and bipolar disorder. According to the FDA, it has received 40 reports of aseptic meningitis in children and adults since Lamictal was approved in 1994. In the majority of cases, symptoms resolved after Lamictal was discontinued. Fifteen cases reported a rapid return of symptoms following re-initiation of Lamictal. (more…)

New Orleans Tapped for BP Oil Spill Litigation

Hundreds of lawsuits over the BP oil spill will be heard in a New Orleans federal court. The decision to consolidate the lawsuits was announced yesterday by the he Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation. New Orleans is the largest city near the BP oil spill, and Louisiana was hardest hit by the disaster. “Without discounting the spill’s effects on other states, if there is a geographic and psychological ‘center of gravity’ in this docket, then the Eastern District of Louisiana is closest to it,” the panel said in its decision. (more…)

17,500 Seroquel Lawsuits Settled

AstraZeneca has settled 17,000 Seroquel lawsuits over claims the antipsychotic drug caused diabetes and other injuries. AstraZeneca, which has been named in about 26,000 such lawsuits, is participating in a court-ordered mediation with plaintiffs in Orlando, Fla., where federal cases from multiple districts had been consolidated.

According to The Wall Street Journal, AstraZeneca will spend about $198 billion to settle the claims. That averages out to about $11,300 per claimant. (more…)

BP, Government Working Out Final Oil Spill Compensation Fund Details

BP has begun to make good on its promise for a $20 billion oil spill compensation fund. Yesterday, the company announced it had deposited $3 million into the fund.

BP was supposed to make an initial deposit to the fund by September 30. But according to The Wall Street Journal, the company chose to make an early deposit to “show its commitment to restoring the livelihoods of people affected by the worst offshore oil spill in history.” (more…)




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