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Strangulation, Entrapment Risks Prompt Recall of Graco Brand Cribs

Lajobi Inc is recalling more than 200,000 Graco brand Another large recall of drop side cribs. The cribs pose both a strangulation and entrapment hazard.

This recall involves LaJobi-manufactured Graco® wood cribs. The full-size cribs were sold in cherry, espresso, natural, and white finishes. The production date, item number, purchase order number, and finish name is printed on a label affixed to the footboard or headboard. “LaJobi” and the crib model name are printed on a product sticker located on the stabilizer bar or bottom rail of the crib. (more…)

Oil Spill Five Times Larger Than First Thought, Military May be Called In

The U.S. military could be called in to assist with containment of the massive oil spill that followed last week’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to an Associated Press report, a third leak from the well has been discovered, and the spill may be closer to shore than expected. The operation to contain the oil is becoming desperate, the Associated Press said, as fears grow that the massive oil slick will reach the U.S. Gulf Coast tomorrow. Now the military may be called in to help contain the spill. (more…)

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Threatens Gulf Coast

Sensitive environmental areas along the U.S. Gulf Coast are under serious threat as oil spill spawned by last week’s explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico continues to grow at an alarming rate. There are fears that if the spill continues unabated, it could reach the shores of Louisiana and Mississippi by Saturday.

Among the areas that could be in the path of the spill is The Delta National Wildlife Refuge. According to The Wall Street Journal, Louisiana’s $2.4 billion dollar per year sea food industry is at risk, as well. There are major harvesting areas for oysters and shrimp in the eastern part of the state, close to the spill’s area. (more…)

External Defibrillators May be Defective, FDA Says

As many as 280,000 external defibrillators that contain components made by Cardiac Science Corp. of Bothell, Wash may be defective, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) warned today. The FDA warning applies to 14 models of defibrillators, including:

• Powerheart models 9300A, 9300C, 9300D, 9300E, 9300P, 9390A and 9390E
• CardioVive models 92531, 92532 and 92533
• Nihon Kohden models 9200G and 9231
• GE Responder models 2019198 and 2023440 (more…)

Louisiana, Mississippi Coasts Threatened by Spill from Oil Rig

Fears are growing that the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast could sustain serious environmental damage increased yesterday after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig sunk into the Gulf of Mexico yesterday, spilling an undetermined amount of crude oil into the sea. The rig exploded Tuesday night and burst into flames.

Eleven crew members who have been missing since the offshore oil rig exploded and burst into flames Tuesday night are still unaccounted for. According to Bloomberg, the Coast Guard has planned three aerial searches today. If the missing are not found alive, the Deepwater Horizon disaster would go down as the deadliest U.S. offshore rig explosion since 1968. (more…)

Bayer Must Change Marketing Materials for Birth Control Pills

Bayer Healthcare has been directed by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to update the marketing materials for Yaz and Yasmin to reflect new safety information that was recently added to the drugs’ labels.

In a letter to Bayer dated April 7, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) said revisions must include “prominent disclosure of the important new safety information.” In the letter, the FDA said: “All promotional materials for your drug product that include representations about your drug product must be promptly revised to make it consistent with the labeling changes approved in this supplement, including any new safety information.” (more…)

Senator, Chinese President Discussed Tainted Drywall

More than a year after U.S. regulators began investigating defective Chinese drywall, the president of that country has promised to “look into” the problem. U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) said Chinese President Hu Jintao made the pledge during a conversation the two had Tuesday during a break at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C.

The senator also told the South Florida Business Times that President Hu “didn’t know about” the issue of corrosive drywall from China affecting thousands of homes throughout the country before the two spoke. (more…)

Lexus GX 460 Issues Prompt Toyota to Test Other SUVs

Anxious to prove it takes safety issues seriously, Toyota announced today that it would be testing the stability of all its SUVs. The move was prompted by Consumer Reports’ issuance of a “not acceptable” rating for the 2010 Lexus GX 460 SUV.

Hours after Consumer Reports published its rating, Toyota announced it was suspending sales of the GX 460 in the U.S. and Canada. The automaker has since suspended sales of the vehicle in markets elsewhere in the world. While the automaker has not decided if it will issue a recall for the SUV, it is offering current owners use of loaner cars while it tries to figure out why it failed Consumer Reports’ handling test. (more…)

Consumer Reports’ Slams 2010 Lexus GX 460 SUV, Sales Suspended

Consumer Reports decision to issue a “not acceptable” rating for the 2010 Lexus GX 460 SUV has prompted Toyota to suspended sales of the vehicle.

A “not acceptable” rating is extremely rare. In fact, the last time Consumer Reports concluded that a vehicle was “not acceptable” for consumers to buy was in 2001, when it warned consumers away from the Mitsubishi Montero Limited. (more…)

Boy Scouts Found Negligent in Molestation Lawsuit

An Oregon jury has found the Boy Scouts of America negligent for the sexual abuse of a Boy Scout that occurred nearly three decades ago. The victim, 38-year-old Kerry Lewis, was awarded $1.4 million in economic damages on Tuesday.

The jury also determined that Lewis was entitled to punitive damages from the Boy Scouts of America. He is seeking up to $25 million. The trial will continue next week to resolve that issue. (more…)




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Water Contamination From Fracking

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Overexposure to PCBs

Many people unknowingly have been exposed to high levels of PCBs. Recently 3 schools in NY City were found to have dangerous levels of PCBs throughout. Many workers for Monsanto, General Electric, and Westinghouse were exposed to high levels of PCBs. PCBs are a dangerous toxic substance that doesn't break down easily and can cause chloracne, bleeding and neurological disorders, liver damage, spontaneous abortions, malformed babies, cancer, and death. GET THE FACTS!
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