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Propecia Interferes With Male Hormones, Causes Sexual Dysfunction In Men | cialis online

Propecia Interferes With Male Hormones, Causes Sexual Dysfunction In Men

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Popular hair thinning medication, Propecia, interferes with male hormones and causes male sexual dysfunction, according to new research. Propecia (finasteride) is manufactured by Merck & Co.

Although seen by many as a solution to what can be the devastating loss of hair in many, especially young men, noted the Brisbane Times, research has found that Propecia interferes with male hormones, such as testosterone derivatives. This interference has led to a host of adverse side effects that are both worrisome and long-lasting, even permanent.

Men have reported otherwise unexplained adverse reactions such as impotence, erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive, infertility, testicular pain, and genital shrinkage, said the Brisbane Times. Sadly, many men report that these effects continue even after they have stopped using the drug.

A research involved 71 healthy men, ages 21 to 45, who reported suffering from sexual side effects that lasted at least three months after stopping Propecia. The study, which looked at the long-term side effects of Propecia, was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in July, said the Brisbane Times.

Study lead, Dr Michael Irwig, assistant professor of medicine at George Washington University, reviewed the long-term sexual effects experienced by study participants and reported that: 94 percent developed low libido; 92 percent, erectile dysfunction; 92 percent, decreased arousal; and 69 percent, orgasm problems. “This is the first trial to show the medication can cause persistent sexual side-effects and the risk needs to be known when men are contemplating taking the medication and doctors are prescribing the medication,” said Irwig, according to the Brisbane Times.

Dr Irwig, published a second study on August 7, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. That study, which looked at 61, young, healthy Propecia patients, revealed that nearly 44 percent reported suicidal thoughts and 36 percent reported symptoms of severe depression, said the Brisbane Times.

Respected studies conducted in the United States and Europe have found that Propecia can be dangerous to certain men, an issue backed up by Irwig’s recent studies, noted the Brisbane Times. In fact, Merck’s patient information sheet in Australia indicates that some of the most common side effects include trouble achieving or maintaining an erection (impotence); decreased sex drive that can continue when the medication is stopped; male infertility and/or poor sperm quality; breast tenderness and enlargement and breast changes that can include lumps, pain, or nipple discharge; ejaculation problems that continue after the drug is stopped; testicular pain; and allergic rash, itching, hives, and lip swelling.

Meanwhile, as Propecia sales have dropped, the number of lawsuits filed by men who suffered from serious Propecia side effects has risen significantly, said NewsInferno.

One year ago, Merck & Co. was facing 80 lawsuits filed on behalf of 175 men who had suffered Propecia side effects. According to the same report, said NewsInferno, Merck now faces 200 lawsuits on behalf of 325 men. The lawsuits allege that Merck is hiding Propecia’s dangers, specifically, in the U.S., where safety label information is different from that in other countries. For instance, labeling in the U.S. states that while Propecia could cause sexual side effects, these side effects disappear when the drug is stopped, said NewsInferno; Merck’s foreign market safety labels indicate that some cases of sexual dysfunction caused by Propecia are permanent.

Recent studies also revealed more than just a few cases of permanent sexual dysfunction. Two studies involving over 200 found that more than half who were taking Propecia and who experienced some form of sexual dysfunction were still suffering from those symptoms a year after stopping the drug; some reported feeling severely depressed, even to the point of considering suicide.

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