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Another Lawsuit Filed Over da Vinci Surgical Robot Injury | cialis online

Another Lawsuit Filed Over da Vinci Surgical Robot Injury

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Another lawsuit has been filed over a da Vinci surgical robot injury, the result of an alleged botched surgery.

A couple, from Alabama, is suing device maker, Intuitive Surgical, for close to $500 million for a hysterectomy that went wrong, said Mass Device. The lawsuit was filed by Gwendolyn Jones and Amos Jones Jr. in the U.S. District Court for Northern Alabama.

The lawsuit alleges that Intuitive fraudulently marketed a faulty device and that that device left Gwendolyn Jones with serious injuries to her ureter and bladder, said Mass Device. The couple seeks $490 million in damages, citing seven counts against the device maker: Pain and suffering, negligence, fraud, breach of warranty, unjust enrichment, and loss of consortium, said Mass Device.

“Defendant sold it [sic] device through a calculated program of intimidation and market management, forcing hospitals and physicians to purchase it in order to appear to be competitive, and creating a fear in their minds that if they did not have this technology they would lose business to competitors,” the lawsuit stated. “This led to explosive sales and record profits for Intuitive Surgical, according to a press release from Jones’ attorney. “The lawsuit claims that Intuitive Surgical knew, or should have known, about the dangers of monopolar current use on its da Vinci Surgical platform,” the release added, wrote Mass Device.

A da Vinci Surgical Robot costs about $2 million in addition to large annual maintenance fees. Operated remotely by surgeons who man the massive machine at a separate console, robotic arms are placed into the patient to burn tissue to access and remove a diseased organ. The da Vinci robot is used in prostate removals; hysterectomies; and, most recently, gall bladder removals.

Earlier this month, a New York father filed suit against Intuitive Surgical, alleging that the robot caused burns that resulted in his 24-year-old daughter’s death two weeks after her hysterectomy.

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