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Plaintiffs From Around The U.S. File Plavix Injury Lawsuit | cialis online

Plaintiffs From Around The U.S. File Plavix Injury Lawsuit

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Plaintiffs from across the nation just filed a Plavix lawsuit alleging that the so-called “super aspirin” caused them to suffer strokes, heart attacks, and other adverse reactions.

In all, 72 plaintiffs allege reactions that also include internal bleeding, blood disorders, and death after taking the drug manufactured and marketed by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and Sanofi Aventis, The Madison-St. Clair Record wrote.

Plaintiffs allege they took Plavix after the drug makers touted the drug as more effective than aspirin in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes and that Plavix “would give a person even greater cardiovascular benefits than a much less expensive, daily aspirin while being safer and easier on a person’s stomach than aspirin,” according to the lawsuit, said The Madison-St. Clair Record. Plaintiffs also allege that Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi marketed Plavix as safe for use with aspirin, despite that that claim has not been established. The Madison-St. Clair record wrote that plaintiffs also alleged that this claim was proven false and the Plavix-aspirin combination is actually more dangerous to patients not diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease and acute coronary syndrome.

The complaint also noted that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned the drug makers multiple times for this and other advertising that misinformed patients and doctors. “The result is that physicians are prescribing Plavix to people who could be cheaply and effectively protected against ischemic events by a simple aspirin, to pay approximately $4.00 a day for a dose of Plavix,” according to the lawsuit, said The Madison-St. Clair Record. “Defendants’ nearly eight-year run of lying to physicians and to the public about the safety and efficacy of Plavix for the sole purpose of increasing corporate profits has now been uncovered by scientific studies that not only is Plavix not worth its high price—it is dangerous,” the complaint continued.

The plaintiffs also claim that because of Bristol-Myers Squibb’s and Sanofi’s lies and omissions, $3.8 billion of Plavix have been sold yearly, all while the drug makers neglected to appropriately issue warnings about Plavix’s dangers in packaging documentation, wrote The Madison-St. Clair Record. “Despite the growing body of scientific knowledge that the four-dollar Plavix pill was not much better than a four-cent-a-day aspirin, Defendants kept promoting it to the public and to physicians, using hyperbole and outright falsification in the process,” the suit stated. These actions caused plaintiffs to suffer severe and permanent injuries, as well as heart attacks, strokes, excessive bleeding, and stent replacements; physical impairment, disfigurement; physical pain and suffering; loss of their enjoyment of life; and incurred medical costs, the complaint stated.

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