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Parkinson’s Disease Risk Heightened by Exposure to Ziram | cialis online

Parkinson’s Disease Risk Heightened by Exposure to Ziram

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Researchers identify a commonly used pesticide chemical is linked to causing Parkinson’s disease, says recent study. Ziram, a fungicide, is being linked to Parkinson’s along with previously associated pesticides maneb and paraquat. Published in European Journal of Epidemiology, the study reveals ziram harms brain cells related to Parkinson’s and exposure to all three pesticides by working near sprayed areas creates a threefold greater chance of developing the disease than those with less exposure, reported According to FairWarning, the study broke new ground by using sophisticated tools to determine exposure levels. Researchers evaluated 703 people, including 362 with Parkinson’s, who lived in California’s heavily agricultural Central Valley from 1974 to 1999. They utilized data on the participant’s work and residential histories to estimate the level of exposure to the three pesticides and calculated any correlation to Parkinson’s. Dr. Beate Ruiz, senior author of the study and a UCLA epidemiology professor, said the results suggest the pesticides “may act together to increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease considerably.” Ritz and her team concluded people who do not work in sprayed areas are also at harm. “This stuff drifts,” said Ritz, “It’s borne by the wind and can wind up on plants and animals, float into open doorways or kitchen windows — up to several hundred meters from the fields.” According to the Los Angeles Times, previous animal studies found ziram destroyed neurons transmitting dopamine to the

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brain. This damaged regions of the brain controlling motor function and led to tremors, unsteady gait and difficulty initiating movement which is associated with Parkinson’s.

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