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Electromagnetic Waves from Cell phones May Diminish Sperm Count, Quality | cialis online

Electromagnetic Waves from Cell phones May Diminish Sperm Count, Quality

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Study results suggest the electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones can lower male sperm count. In March, a recent study published in the online version of the journal Andrologia, followed 2,110 men attending a fertility clinic in Australia from 1993 to 2007. Researchers concluded “results showed that cell phone use negatively affects sperm quality in men.”

Semen analysis was performed on all patients and revealed a “significant difference” between the sperm counts of men who used their cell phones and men who did not, reported The Vancouver Sun. Researchers found cell phone use lowered levels of the luteinizing hormone, which is an important male reproductive hormone secreted from the brain.

Dr. Rany Shamloul, lead researcher at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont., stated, “Our study is an eye-opener that electromagnetic waves may have an effect on fertility. It’s not a done deal, but it’s a red flag that more research needs to be done.”

Shamloul explained to The Vancouver Sun that reproductive cells are sensitive to radiation and easily affected by electromagnetic waves. He also noted that the frequency necessary to cause permanent damage is still unknown.

Based on study results, Shamloul and his colleagues believe “further studies with a careful design are needed to determine the effect of cell phone use on male fertility.” Until such results are released, he recommends cell phone users remain cautious.

However, the method of testing cell phones for radiation may prevent accurate results.

Devra Davis, a researcher in environmental health hazards and founder of the organization Environmental Health Trust in the United States, told The Vancouver Sun, “Phones are never tested in the pocket of the shirt or pants, which is where most people keep them. If they were tested there, the phones on the market today would not meet the requirements for radiation limits.”

In 2008, the Cleveland Clinic investigated the effect of cell phone use on various markers of semen quality. Researchers took 361 men undergoing infertility evaluation and divided them into four groups based on their cell phone use. Results suggested that cell phone use decreased semen quality by lowering the sperm count and that the decrease was dependent on the duration of daily exposure to cell phones.

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