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Denture Cream Zinc Report Delayed Thanks to Consultant for Fixodent Maker | cialis online

Denture Cream Zinc Report Delayed Thanks to Consultant for Fixodent Maker

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Why did it take two years for an important study on denture cream zinc poisoning to be published after it was concluded? A report that aired on Good Morning America today suggests that a consultant for Procter & Gamble, maker of zinc-containing Fixodent, may have used his role as one of the study’s reviewers to delay the report.

Until that study was finally published in the journal “Neurology,” most Fixodent users had no idea the denture cream, if used in excessive amounts, could cause severe neurological damage. In March 2010, after the study in question sparked an uproar, as well as product liability lawsuits alleging Fixodent had caused Neuropathy, Procter & Gamble finally began cautioning consumers about zinc in Fixodent denture creams on it website, The new information stated that some reports suggest that excessive and prolonged zinc intake may be linked to adverse health effects. At the same time, Procter & Gamble also began shipping Fixodent with updated label instructions on how to apply the product. But the company continues to make Fixodent with zinc.

Its competitor, GlaxoSmithKline, maker of Super Poligrip, however, announced in February 2010 that it would stop the manufacture, distribution and advertising of three Super Poligrip products that contained zinc. In a statement posted on its website, Glaxo said it was reformulating the Super Poligrip products as a precautionary measure to minimize any potential risks to consumers.

The Neurology study reported on four patients suffering from neuropathy and other neurological symptoms typical of zinc poisoning. The study concluded that the patients’ excess use of zinc containing denture cream could have been responsible for their symptoms.

In reviewing the Neurology study, Dr. Kenneth Shay, a dentist, called the link between excessive use of denture cream and neurological disease “little more than speculation.” He said that the authors “don’t understand the nature of the material they are writing about.” At the same time, he was being paid by Procter & Gamble as a consultant.

Unbelievably, he also sent draft reports of the study to Procter & Gamble, Good Morning America reported. In one e-mail, he said, “Please be circumspect because, as a reviewer, I’m not supposed to be passing an unpublished manuscript around.” It’s not clear what Procter & Gamble did with the information.

The study authors told Good Morning America that Dr. Shay’s criticism led them to delay and water down their report.

“It is an outrage. This was wrong,” David Rothman, a professor at Columbia University Medical School, told Good Morning America, in regards to Dr. Shay’s conduct. “That is a fundamental transgression of professional medical ethics and not to be allowed.”

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