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EPA Tests Detect Three Compounds in Chinese Drywall Not Present in American-Made Material | cialis online

EPA Tests Detect Three Compounds in Chinese Drywall Not Present in American-Made Material

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Tests results comparing Chinese drywall to American-made wallboard have been released by the the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The test detected three compounds in the Chinese drywall not found in American-made material.

In a press release issued yesterday, Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) responded to the EPA’s findings.  “We now know there are three things in there that aren’t in other drywall samples,” Nelson said in the release. “We’ve got the what, and now we need the why and how do we fix it? In the end, I think all this stuff is going to have to be ripped out.”

Nelson sits on the Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance, which has scheduled a hearing on Chinese drywall for tomorrow morning.  In addition to officials from several federal agencies, Nelson has been trying to line up affected homeowners to give first-hand accounts about their Chinese drywall ordeals.

Nelson release said he and Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) will file an amendment to pending legislation to provide emergency funds for further investigation and continued testing.

According to the EPA, its analysis of the  material found  sulfur at 83 parts per millions (ppm) and 119 ppm in the Chinese drywall samples. Sulfur was not detected in the four US-manufactured drywall samples. The EPA also said its analysis detected two types propanoic acids in the Chinese samples, organic compounds usually found in acrylic paint.   Again, these were not present in the American wallboard.

The EPA said further testing is needed to determine whether any of the substances identified in Chinese drywall  can be conclusively linked to damage seen in houses with the material and whether they are dangerous to humans. The EPA said it would continue to work  with other state and federal agencies to respond to the drywall issue.

The EPA also found the following in both American and Chinese drywall samples:

  • Strontium was detected at 2,570 ppm and 2,670 ppm in the Chinese drywall samples. Strontium was detected in the US-manufactured drywall at 244 ppm to 1,130 ppm.  Strontium compounds are used in making ceramics, pyrotechnics, paint pigments, fluorescent lights and medicine.
  • Iron concentrations of 1,390 ppm and 1,630 ppm were detected in the Chinese drywall samples and in the range of 841 ppm to 3,210 ppm for the US manufactured drywall samples. Additional drywall samples will be tested to determine whether the iron is present as oxide, sulfide or sulfate, the EPA said.

The Chinese drywall samples used for the EPA tests were obtained from a Florida home.  The domestic samples come from stores in New Jersey.

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